fredag 17 april 2009

Steven Zarlenga, AMI: Welcome Message

Hälsa på Steven Zarlenga, direktör på American Monetary Institute, i Chicago USA. Se och lyssna på hans tankar och du inser att dagens finansiella problem är en enkel match för mänskligheten bara vi följer hans goda råd. Zarlengas bok The Lost Science of Money är en guldgruva för vem som helst som vill förstå varför kunskapen om pengarna försvunnit. Boken är dock något dyr 60 dollar + 22 flygpost.

Här har du en link till Richard C. Cooks recension av Zarlengas bok.

Ett utdrag därifrån:

Stephen Zarlenga, the director of the American Monetary Institute, has written a book entitled The Lost Science of Money, which is one of the most important books published in the world in the past 200 years. Someday it will be recognized for the classic that it is. The fact that many of the ideas seem unfamiliar only shows how lost the science of money really has become. This review will demonstrate that monetary reform along the lines Zarlenga recommends could transform the economy of the world into a system that would benefit everyone, not just the monetary plutocrats who preside over the globalistic cannibalism that runs amok today.


Today everyone in public life or academia takes it for granted that the monetary system nominally presided over by the Federal Reserve is the only one ever conceived by the mind of man that is safe, functional, worth having, or even possible. I suppose we assume that the near-panic that grips the minds of millions of people every time the Federal Reserve contemplates an interest rate hike is the way Almighty God intended human beings to live on this good earth. But then again, maybe not. In his book, The Lost Science of Money, Stephen Zarlenga has proven once and for all how wrong these assumptions are, how rotten and ill-conceived this system really is, and how a few basic reforms could make an enormous difference in the life of the people of our nation and the world.

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