onsdag 15 augusti 2007


Bra böcker för den som är intresserad av att förstå hur mänskligheten i all tysthet drivits in i en situation där vi s.g.s. alla är livegna ekonomiska slavar åt banksystemet och dess internationella finanselit. Vi tror vi är fria, jobbar hårt hela livet men tappas ständigt på energi (pengar) som rinner in i kassan på dessa för de flesta helt okända grå eminenser som sällan själva hamnar i rampjuset.

Ellen Hodgson Brown: Web Of Debt


Ellen Brown has applied her training as a litigating attorney, researcher and writer to the monetary field, unearthing facts that even the majority of banking and financial experts ignore: ranging from the privatization of money creation, to the Plunge Protection Team, to the Federal Reserve's "Helicopter Money." Read it; you'll get information you need in order to understand what is going on in our financial markets today.

Bernard Lietaer, former European central banker who helped design the Euro, author of The Future of Money and Of Human Wealth

Literacy on the topic of money is at an all-time low. This book is tremendously important not only in its presentation, but by drawing attention to an age-old topic that should have a major presence in the public mind.

Benjamin Gisin, senior loan officer for a top ten bank, author of Ranchers Guide to Credit, publisher of Touch the Soil magazine

The monetary system is very complicated and the result of decades of political and economic machinations, but Ellen Brown has the unique ability to put the most esoteric of subjects in plain and readable language.

Gene Harter, attorney, banker and author, Los Angeles


Michael Rowbotham: The Grip Of Death

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