fredag 2 maj 2008

Richard C Cook analyserar dagens situation

Här har vi absolut en av de mera intressanta artiklarna jag själv under senare tid stött på.
RCC analyserar sig fram till hur den finansiella maktens elit tydligt konspirerat mot nationalstaterna och t.o.m. stormakterna Ryssland och nu USA. Vad är riktigt på gång...

I slutändan av artikeln ger RCC sitt recept för hur vi bör korrigera de ekonomiska missförhållandena i världen. Detta gäller i högsta grad även Sverige och Finland. Här kommer
RCC in på sitt favoritområde - grundinkomst för alla. Och - av samhällsfinansiell och nationalekonomisk anledning.
Har slår även en gong-gong för Ron Paul som enligt honom är den enda kandidaten av den som är kvar som fattar problemen. Läsvärt ? Absolut !!

Extraordinary Times, Intentional Collapse, and Takedown of the U.S.A.

"Much has been written about whether a worldwide plan exists to control events and steer them in the direction profitable to an elite of the rich and powerful. Is this a “conspiracy theory”? While it is difficult to be specific about who exactly may be behind such a conspiracy, if it exists, it is at least clear that the privately-managed system of global financial capitalism gives ample opportunity for the world’s richest people to combine for their mutual benefit.
Further, global financial capitalism itself is based on the monopolization of money-creation by a world banking system that is largely privately owned, even while working through the central banks of the largest and most prosperous nations. This article postulates the existence of a coordinated and longstanding matrix set up by the controllers of money to dominate the movements of history.
The article focuses particularly on what seems to have been an attack that has been going on for over a century against the independence of the nations of Russia and the U.S. The article also suggests a series of monetary reforms whereby the U.S. , or any other nation, can regain its economic identity and preserve its political freedom. The article was written a short distance from the reconstructed colonial capitol building in Williamsburg , VA.
On this site on May 15, 1776, the Fifth Virginia Convention voted unanimously to instruct its delegation at the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia to enter a motion for independence. It may be time to do that again."

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Bra artikel! Här är två intressanta diskussioner mellan Daryl Bradford Smith och Muhammad Rafeeq om finanshärdsmältan.



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