söndag 12 oktober 2008

Krav på penningpolitisk reform anno 1943

Intressant brev från 1943. Plockat från wake up from your slumber.

A very prophetic letter from 1943.


Demand for Monetary Reform: 1943 letter

"...This has led to the gradual rise of a form of national, international and supra- national power, dominating through its monopolisaton of the National social credit all the basic creative activities of mankind. Thus, in this as in other countries, it has become impossible to obtain publication in the press, or to broadcast on the radio, the truth concerning this economic enslavement which holds the peoples of the world in thrall."

"...But the real danger, well understood in every preceding era of history, is the undermining of all lawfully constituted authority by the creation and destruction of money carried on in secret for private gain and the acquisition of power."

"...But the issue and destruction of money by the money-lender is not a service, but a weapon which can be and has been used to perpetuate poverty amidst abundance, which renders individuals and nations powerless to protect themselves, and which may even be perverted to serve vast designs for the complete subjugation of the human race to tyranny, exploitation and the powers of darkness and evil."


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