lördag 4 oktober 2008

Ravi Batra och PROUT

Lyssna på denna otroliga man- Ravi Batra. Läs om PROUT. Prout i Sverige. Man hittar även termen ekonomisk demokrati:

Economic Democracy
Political democracy and economic democracy are mutually inclusive. PROUT advocates economic democracy based on local economic planning, cooperatively managed businesses, local governmental control of natural resources and key industries, and socially agreed upon limits on the individual accumulation of wealth. By decentralizing the economy and making sure decision-making is in the hands of local people, we can ensure the adequate availability of food, shelter, clothing, health care and education for all.

A decentralized economy can better ensure that the ecological systems of the earth are not exploited beyond their capacity to renew themselves. Environmental stewardship is a requisite for people who are dependent upon these systems for their own survival and well-being.

Ravi Batra på video om den omedelbara framtiden :


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