söndag 20 januari 2008

Nyheter från Nevada - andra plats för Ron Paul

Såhär skriver en finländsk bekant som för tillfället befinner sig i New Hamsphire:

The Nevada caucuse was a success! Ron Paul finished second after Mitt Romney with 13% of the vote. Duncan Hunter has left the race and Fred Thompson might drop as well. It's time for the last push before Super Tuesday. The 21st of January we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's freedom movement by donating to Ron Paul's campaign. Visit http://freeatlast2008.com/ . Many larger cities here in the US (including Manchester, NH, where I live) will also organize a freedom march for both King and Ron Paul.

Konstigt nog skriver Hbl idag den 20.1 att Ron Paul skulle ha blivit tredje efter Romney och McCain....

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