söndag 20 januari 2008

Smoking Mirrors om Ron Paul & John Edwards

Min absoluta favoritbloggare Les Visible på bloggen Smoking Mirrors:

"Ron Paul, John Edwards and the Powers that Be.

It’s impressive, I’ll say that. Ron Paul has really hit a nerve and the powers that be don’t like him one bit. For me that’s all the information I need. Sure, there are those that are going to tell me that the powers that be set it up that way and that Ron Paul is just another side of the powers that be. They’re going to tell me the game is locked on all sides but I don’t believe it.

Funny things happen in history and bad guys go down. It happens. Sometimes it happens much later down the road than we would like, but it happens.

I’ve seen two candidates in this present spectacle that I could live with winning the White House. Those candidates are Ron Paul and John Edwards. The reason I bring this up is because the powers that be want a John McCain and Joe Lieberman ticket. John McCain is a neo-con tool and Lieberman is an Israeli Zionista. That’s a good combination for the powers that be. If they’re really lucky they’ll get Giuliani as Attorney General too.

The assault on Ron Paul is coming on many levels. He’s been smeared as an associate of white power groups. That was blown out of the water but it keeps on getting said because that’s how Swiftboating is done. You keep repeating the same things over and over as if they hadn’t been disproved. People are that stupid that if you say something over and over they figure it has to be true because why else could you say it over and over on mass media?"

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