fredag 5 oktober 2007

Ron Pauls kampanjchef: Vårt mål är att vinna !

Our goal is to win. We have 96 days, maybe less. We have one shot.
October 2nd, 2007

Yesterday afternoon, the Ron Paul 2008 staff came together to hear that message. I shared it with them then. I share it with you now.

Our goal is to win. Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination. Ron Paul becomes our next president.

We have 96 days, maybe less. The first contest will be January 5 in Wyoming. But Iowa will change its date to be earlier than Wyoming and New Hampshire will do the same. Michigan will hold its primary on January 15. South Carolina and Nevada are set for January 19, followed by Florida on January 29.

We have one shot. The time is right for this Ron Paul Revolution; there are many reasons why. But this opportunity we now hold in our hands will never come again.

The future of our nation lies with us, and with the people who will soon join this freedom movement.

We have the answer: freedom. We have the man: Ron Paul. We have each other.

We have what we need to win.

Kent Snyder

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