onsdag 6 februari 2008

4000 personer samlades runt Ron Paul; 2:a plats i Maine.

Minneapolis,MN - Super Tuesday: över 4000 personer har enligt uppgift samlats runt Ron Paul då han talade vid Universitet i Minnesota. Ingen annan kandidat samlar folk på samma vis - oberoende av vad mainstream media för fram.
Ron Paul kommer inte att kasta in handuken. Han uppger sig kämpa på så länge som han har folk som understöder honom i kampen mot etablissemanget - OCH massmedian.


"The last major party presidential candidate to visit Minnesota before Tuesday's caucuses was Republican Ron Paul. More that 4,000 people turned out to see him at a rally Monday night at the University of Minnesota.

Minneapolis — The crowd was excited well before Ron Paul took the stage at Northrup Auditorium. They carried placards and chanted their candidate's name while waiting for him to appear.

And when he did, the more than 4,000 people who packed the hall jumped to their feet, screaming, clapping and whistling, giving him a long standing ovation.

"Thank you. That's wonderful," Paul said. "The media keeps asking me, why did I come to Minneapolis. Now we know."

Notera även att Ron Paul vann stort över John McCain i delstaten Maine där han kom in på en andra plats efter massachusettsguvernören Mitt Romney.

“Ron Paul’s strong second place finish in Maine, in which he beat John McCain, is proof that this race is far from over,” said Ron Paul campaign manager Lew Moore. “We’ll continue to battle for every delegate in this wide-open race for the Republican nomination.”

In the presidential preference poll, with 70 percent reporting, Ron Paul is in third place just two percentage points behind John McCain. However, the Maine preference poll is purely a beauty contest, and in the actual election of state delegates the so-called “frontrunner” McCain is far behind Ron Paul."

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