torsdag 29 november 2007

Maktens pyramidstruktur

Kjeld Heising har en fin artikel om makten här i världen. Läsvärd - och på engelska. Några plock ur texten. Om staternas roll:
"...the states are vacuum cleaners, transfering wealth from the bottom to the top."

Vad Kissinger lär ha sagt:
"You want to control a nation? Control the food. You want to control a region? Take control of the energy. You want to control the world? Control the banking!"

Om banking:
"The City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican. There might be three syndicates. They might even compete - dividing the globe in three spheres of interest. But still working together - discussing, making agreements and business.

They all belong to the ownership level on the drawing. They all do banking. They all own enormous amounts of land and resources all over the world. They all control industries within energy and food - and other major industries like military, pharmaceutical and chemical industries."

Om politikernas roll:
"The politician's job is to make legislation which promotes [the top-level agenda] and - together with the media controllers - to create the public images making the populations believe it's to service them."

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