söndag 11 januari 2009

Dennis Kucinich om läget just nu


Dennis Kucinich talade i representanthuset fredagen den 9. januari 2009.

Sällsynt framsynt man. Synd att han inte fick finansiering som Ron Paul.

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Anonym sa...

Får se vad som händer om han bedöms som farlig för finansbranschen. Ertappas han med en prostituerad och tvingas avgå eller med en kula mellan öronen...

Hoppas dock innerligt att man lyssnar på honom och genomför vettiga reformer som är absolut nödvändiga i den situation vi är i. Kanske bra beslut i USA smittar av sej till europa också, trots att alla inte tjänar på det.

Hans kommentar att bankerna använt stödet till att köpa upp andra banker var mycket intressant!

Lars Osterman sa...

Kucinich är nog inte ensam om denhär politiken. Han har hela The American Monetary Institute´s kraft bakom sig.

Steven Zarlenga, Richard C. Cook, Ellen Brown driver samma sak synnerligen offentligt även om dom inte sitten i kongressen.

Appropå det så läste jag nyss en artikel om hur Obama styrs av bankerna:


Ett plock:

Obama did not define the “challenges of our time,” but they are relatively easy to perceive — fractional reserve banking, the debt bubble, the credit crunch, and inflation of the money supply, all designed to take down the global economy in dramatic fashion and inflict maximum misery on billions of largely clueless plebs. In response to this manufactured global economic crisis, the international banksters have offered their solution — global government and further centralization of economic power into fewer hands.

It is no mistake the banksters are using the so-called bailout to gobble up smaller banks and pay off their cronies. From the get-go it was designed as a tool to further concentrate power, not buy up bad assets as advertised, that is to say toxic assets created by the scam that is fractional reserve banking.

More so-called bailouts will be imposed, as there are more equity bubbles right around the corner. More misery and “shared sacrifice” will be required in order for the global elite to put the finishing touches on their mega-scam, the most outrageous financial crime in recorded history.

“We will be called upon to take part in a shared sacrifice and shared prosperity,” declared the selected president on February 19, 2008 in Wisconsin. In other words, imposed sacrifice for the little people and shared prosperity for the international banksters