lördag 29 december 2007

Smoking Mirrors

Känn dej priviligierad och ta del av dessa välformulerade funderingar om situationen i USA-valet och motiven för att stöda eller inte stöda just Ron Paul framom andra kanditer.

Ron Paul and me

"I know that no man or woman can become president and expect for their agenda to succeed. It isn’t going to happen. They have to deal with congress and a number of other forces. So I never look at a candidate and assume if that candidate gets elected that that candidate will do what they campaigned on. I sometimes expect that they will ‘try to’ but even that is often not the case. Most of these people are pandering liars and they will do what they are told. What I want is some honesty and fair-play and fewer police-thugs."

Här är en annan från samma blog. För övrigt lönar det sig att kolla allt han skrivit tidigare. Man stöter sällan på lika välformulerade och uppriktiga funderingar.

Ron Paul the technicolor dream machine

"Ron Paul is a man of destiny. There is no doubt in my mind about this. He says, very clearly, what must be said. Some are suspicious that he hasn’t said anything about 9/11. Surely he knows, right? People… a campaign is one thing, what he does after is something else. I don’t doubt that there is much unsaid. Let’s be grateful for what he does say. How prudent do you think it would be for him to get into that now? They’d eat him alive."

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