måndag 17 december 2007

Washington Post: Ron Paul gör rekord

Det är inte bara på nätet som understödet finns. Ron Pauls offentliga väljarunderstöd växer. skyltarna syns på var och varannnan väggren. Och den traditionella massmedian är illa tvungen att rapportera det.

Den stora insamlingen den 16.12 hämtade in runt 6,4 miljoner dollar.
Uppdatering: Till detta tillkommer en hel del pengar som man ännu inte addera till slutsumman. (That total just represents processed credit card donations. The final total is likely to be closer to $7 million once checks, Paypal e-checks, and money orders are fully processed.)

Washington Post skriver:

Paul's one-day haul a recordBy Stephen Dinan

Rep. Ron Paul of Texas yesterday broke the single-day Republican presidential-campaign fundraising record he set last month, raising about $6 million and giving him almost $18 million for the fourth quarter.

En bloggare har dock samlat alla fakta.


"Republican presidential contender Ron Paul broke the single day fundraising record for any candidate in any party today, as the Tea Party "money bomb", organized independently by supporters, raked in nearly $6.4 million in a twenty-four hour period, nearly six million of it online. The money came from over 50,000 individual donors, with an average donation of just over $100.

The amazing outpouring of support brought Ron Paul's fourth quarter total to the $17.9 million mark, one of the strongest single-quarter efforts in the race, and his total for the year to $26.1 million."

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