lördag 1 november 2008

Höstens viktigaste boknyhet

Richard C. Cook - enligt min åsikt en av de bästa penningreformisterna idag, har gett ut sin nya bok.

Om Ellen Browns bok var viktig så är denhär minsta lika viktig...tips till Anarchos Förlag.

We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform
By Richard C. Cook

Is the Monetary System Too Sick to Fix?

No, but it will take work to untangle the mess in which the U.S. and its citizens are immersed. Monetary reformer and futurist Richard C. Cook was a government analyst who retired after 32 years of service. For 21 years, he worked with the U.S. Treasury, analyzing financial programs and teaching courses. He reveals…

  • How to reform the broken monetary system.
  • Why the public infrastructure must be rebuilt.
  • The way to create income security for all people.

In his visionary approach, Richard C. Cook warns that we could be facing chaos in the streets and a total breakdown of society. Worse, U.S. citizens risk the loss of their core liberties—the Bill of Rights. The alternative is sustainable living through genuine monetary reform.

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