onsdag 17 december 2008

Tyskland - Irak

Varför ville de allierade förklara krig mot Tyskland och omintetgöra landet då 1939? Och varför ville Israel att USA skulle anfalla och omintetgöra Irak 2003 ?

Här har du Karl Schwarz artikel - som egentligen handlar om skokastaren som blev kändis. Men Schwarz kommer in på krigsförklaringarnas märkliga likheter då han diskuterat med en irakisk ingeniör:

I asked this Iraqi Christian what Iraq was like under Saddam. He informed me that the people were happy, gainfully employed for the most part and things were just fine before Bush and Blair appeared with their lies and ruined a nation that was building a future for its own people with its own oil and gas wealth. As he stated, as long as people left Saddam alone he left the people alone.

I have written on this before and provided a 1991 comment made by a Zionist Jew Neocon as to why Iraq had to be destroyed. Please pay attention to the words of Edward Luttwak, a known Zionist Jew hardliner who pushes to have any such nations (Iraq and Iran) destroyed.

"Saddam is not like the Saudi Princes who spend the bulk of their lives outside of their country, and who fritter away the Kingdom's oil profits on prostitutes and bottles of champagne in Paris. No, Saddam is building railways! Creating electrical networks! Highways and other important elements of a serious State infrastructure! After eights years of war against the Iranian regime of Khomeini, he desperately needs to demobilize his Republican Guard, which incorporates so many of this technical elite, in order to rebuild the war-devastated country. These people are his technicians, his engineers. If they are put to work in the way Saddam wishes, they will rapidly make Iraq the most advanced power in the region, and we cannot allow this to happen.

That sounds very much like the reasoning behind why we entered World War I. Germany was building into an economic force that the UK and France did not want to see happen. Certain US parties were involved in helping Germany to build into a military threat in Europe. That also sounds like Baker's comment in Der Spiegel as to why we engaged in World War II as well, as an economic preventative measure."

Preventiv ekonomisk krigföring med andra ord. Man anser sig inte kunna tolerera det att först Tyskland och nu då Irak - blev för mäktiga ekonomiskt sett. Och det handlar ju om anglo-sionistiska kretsar. Inte för att anglofilerna kunde tolerera det heller att Nya Kolonierna i Amerika hade räntefria pengar på 1770-talet. Då blev det krig på direkten - fram till 1789.

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